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Why Ring Rast Camping

These benefits show why our campsite is a great choice for your next visit to the races: it’s easy to get to, close to the action, clean, and near important services.

No Waiting in Traffic

Our campsite is very close to the highway exit. This means you won’t get stuck in traffic when you come to or leave our place. It makes your trip easier and quicker.

20 Minutes Away by Foot

You can walk to the main entrance of the racing area in just 20 minutes on a flat path. It’s an easy and simple way to get to the fun without needing a car or bus.

Always Clean

We keep our toilets and showers very clean all the time. You can feel comfortable and fresh during your stay, just like at home.

Food and Fuel Next Door

Right next to our campsite, there’s a restaurant and a gas station. You can easily grab a meal or fill up your car without going far. This makes your stay more convenient.

The best location

Located right off Highway Exit 24 Zeltweg - Ost Spielberg, our campsite offers unbeatable access to the Red Bull Ring, just a 15-20-minute walk away. Essentials like dining and fuel are conveniently a minute’s walk at the Ring Rast restaurant and petrol station, making it the perfect base for motorsport fans.

Ring Rast Straße , 8724 Spielberg, Austria

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